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Nearing the end of week three

So this week has been harder than usual, since it heralded the week that I started up back at work. Many temptations were there such as cakes, sweets, biscuits and chocolates, however I stuck to my 2 snacks per day rule and after eating my Biltong and berries/nuts felt fine! I could have had some …

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End of week two!

It is now the end of week two and I have been taking my daily dose of Juice Plus + premium capsules and one Juice Plus + Complete shake per day. I have been making sure that I drink lots of water, limit my snacks to two per day (either a handful of nuts or …

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End of week one

So I have been on Juice Plus + for over a week now and I have noticed some considerable changes. For one, I have noticed that my resting heart rate has decreased. I wear a FitBit HR every day and looking at my daily resting heart rate and my average resting heart rate, I can …

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