We already know that Juice Plus + is juiced, dried, and encapsulated fruits and vegetables in the ratios of nutrition that nature intended, however taking Juice Plus + does not mean that we can continue to eat foods and drink drinks that aren’t good for us.

What would be the point in trying to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle through Juice Plus + but then prevent yourself from feeling and seeing the amazing benefits by continuing to do what you have always done?

Through starting my amazing journey with Juice Plus+ I have also tried to make small, simple changes to these areas of my diet too:


Alcopops, champagne. lager and wine.

Now, I have never been a big drinker, however your body does have to work extremely hard to detoxify the alcohol from your system, in particular your liver, kidneys and adrenal glands.

To help with my Juice Plus + journey I have decided to limit alcohol consumption to weekends only.


Coffee, tea and fizzy drinks.

Now, I have always loved drinking coffee – Americano, Caffè Americano, Café Cubano, Caffè crema, Cafe Zorro, Doppio and Espresso to name a few! Caffeine leads the body to have massive energy fluctuations and then the subsequent need for sugar foods.

To help with my Juice Plus + journey I have decided to limit myself to one coffee per day, then using decaffeinated alternatives throughout the day instead.

Spreadable butter, cream, milk and low-fat yoghurt..
Now, I have never really been into milk or butter and prefer to use alternatives instead. The reason for this is due to the dairy being produced for consumption being heavily processed. Through the pasteruisation and homogenisation processes, the diary we get at the supermarket is made to have long shelf-life and our body finds it hard to digest this, due to all of the enzymes being destroyed through these processes.
To help with my Juice Plus + journey I have decided to continue with my dairy-alternatives – soya milk, spread and yoghurt.

Anything ending in -ose! Fructose, maltose, dextrose.
Now don’t get me wrong, I love sweets and chocolates as much as the next person, however through taking the Juice Plus + premium capsules my sweet tooth seems to be disappearing! Sugar and sugar alternatives such as sweeteners interfere with the body’s insulin response, making it rapidly change from high levels to low levels. This can again impact on your energy levels and fat storage.
To help with my Juice Plus + journey I have decided to limit my snacks per day to two. This does not mean two “sweet snacks,” but snacks altogether. I have decided to go for nuts, berries and natural good sugars that can be found in fruits.

Tap Water
It has been found that there are dozens* of chemicals in our normal drinking tap water in the United Kingdom. Whilst some of these chemicals are safe for consumption, many do not help to enhance the benefit of taking Juice Plus +.
To help with my Juice Plus + journey I have decided to only use bottled water and water that has been filtered through a water jug.

Now all of these changes may seem like a lot, however they are small, simple changes.

Remember that Juice Plus + encourages you to make simple changes to your lifestyle, so that you can really benefit from the amazing product that contains over 30 types of fruits, vegetables and berries.

Let me know what your simple changes are in the comments section below.

* To find out more, click here.