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Buddha Bowls

I don’t know where I would be without my Buddha Bowls! 30 fruits, vegetables and berries each day via my Juice Plus + premium capsules then an extra dose for dinner. YUM!

A food study on happiness

I definitely feel happier and have more energy after taking 30 different types of fruits, vegetables and berries each day through the Juice Plus + premium capsules!

A yummy flapjack recipe

Flap jacks smell lovely and they taste amazing! But, with all the sugar and melted butter, they aren’t your best friend if you are trying to eat healthily. Whilst reading my magazines, I came across this healthier alternative!

Frying or steaming?

How do you normally cook your food? Do you prefer to fry or steam? Here is some information I learned whilst reading my magazine.

Milk alternatives

I’ve changed from semi-skimmed milk to Soya milk a few months ago, however are you wondering what the advantages of changing are? Whilst reading my magazine I came across this article. Some food for thought.

Ramen soup bowls addiction!

I’ve just come back from a well-known restaurant chain that sells Ramen soup meals and it has spurred me on to create my own, since we are beginning to get into Winter. My first attempt was without the special ramen-sized soup bowls, however after the “trial” going well, I decided to purchase all of the …

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Vegetable crumble

Another week taking Juice Plus + premium capsules daily, having a daily Juice Plus + complete shake or bar for breakfast and I am definitely feeling the benefits still! More energy, hair is in a better condition and my nails and teeth feel stronger and better. For this week’s blog post, I am going to …

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This week’s blog

Hello everyone! I’ve decided that I am going to change how I do my weekly blogs, since I do not want you all to think that the sole reason for me using Juice Plus + is to lose weight. I know that the products have helped to curb the pounds, however I want you all …

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A yummy new snack!

At work this week a friend introduced me to a new snack which I absolutely love! Comparing it to other snacks such as crisps and chocolates, its nutritional information stands up fairly well! The Yushoi Snapea rice sticks are: I now have these sometimes as a daily snack instead of the Slim Fast snacks. Comparing …

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Two months on Juice Plus +

So I have been on Juice Plus + premium capsules and complete shakes for two months now. I can’t believe how Juice Plus +, along with clean eating and exercise, has helped to change my life! Take a look at the changes with my body after only two months with Juice Plus +!   Through …

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