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Recipes and health advice

Here are my recipes and articles for the months of July to early December 2017 Enjoy! 🙂

More recipes and food for thought!

Here are the latest recipes and health articles that I have found interesting over the past few months.

Recipes and articles – March / April 2017

Here are some articles and recipes that have caught my attention in March and April 2017:

Recipes and news posts on Facebook

I’ve been posting a lot over on our Facebook page over the past couple of months, but not really on this blog, sorry! So here are the articles I have been posting over on the Facebook page. Enjoy!

Healthy eating and happiness

I certainly agree with this research! Since starting on Juice Plus + I definitely feel happier and have more energy and more of a “can do” attitude overall.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! May 2017 be a year full of health and happiness to you and your family! 🙂

End of year progress

So I have been on Juice Plus for nearly 4 months now…. what has changed? Yes, you have heard correctly! I have gone from a 36″ waist down to a 32″ waist. I weighed myself before starting Juice Plus + and was 15 stone 1 pound, now I am 11 stone 9 pounds.   Please …

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Weight loss and diet drinks

What does this research say? Water is the way to go!

Official certificate!

After a year of hard, long study, I am pleased to announce that I have been trained in Diet and Nutrition. I feel that gaining this qualification will help me to raise the support and guidance that I can give other people on my Juice Plus + journey. Please note, I have omitted my last …

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Crisps that you won’t feel guilty about!

Looking for crisps that won’t set you back 1000s of calories? Try some from this list. Juice Plus also helps to reduce fat content in foods! When taken, it immediately reduces a high fat meal down to just 16 per cent by improving the opening of the arteries.