End of year progress

So I have been on Juice Plus for nearly 4 months now…. what has changed?

Yes, you have heard correctly! I have gone from a 36″ waist down to a 32″ waist.

I weighed myself before starting Juice Plus + and was 15 stone 1 pound, now I am 11 stone 9 pounds.


Please do not think that Juice Plus + is all about weight loss as it is not.

Many people use Juice Plus + to put on weight or to help combat various conditions that they have.

Starting on Juice Plus + I have noticed that I:

  • No longer crave sweets, biscuits, crisps and chocolates the way that I did before,
  • No longer feel constantly tired,
  • No longer always feel I don’t have any energy,
  • Have clearer skin – I always used to have a spotty forehead, now it is clear!
  • Seem to have thicker hair which grows quicker,
  • Have stronger fingernails and toenails which grow quicker,
  • Feel fuller for longer and am not always wanting snacks,
  • Am eating more fruits and vegetables than ever before


The list could go on-and-on!

If you would like to try this amazing product, take the plunge and order some through my shop today!

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