Monthly Archive: November 2016

Nov 27

Buddha Bowls

Follow @_HealthOnTap_ I don’t know where I would be without my Buddha Bowls! 30 fruits, vegetables and berries each day via my Juice Plus + premium capsules then an extra dose for dinner. YUM!

Nov 19

A food study on happiness

Follow @_HealthOnTap_ I definitely feel happier and have more energy after taking 30 different types of fruits, vegetables and berries each day through the Juice Plus + premium capsules!

Nov 12

A yummy flapjack recipe

Follow @_HealthOnTap_ Flap jacks smell lovely and they taste amazing! But, with all the sugar and melted butter, they aren’t your best friend if you are trying to eat healthily. Whilst reading my magazines, I came across this healthier alternative!

Nov 08

Frying or steaming?

Follow @_HealthOnTap_ How do you normally cook your food? Do you prefer to fry or steam? Here is some information I learned whilst reading my magazine.

Nov 05

Milk alternatives

Follow @_HealthOnTap_ I’ve changed from semi-skimmed milk to Soya milk a few months ago, however are you wondering what the advantages of changing are? Whilst reading my magazine I came across this article. Some food for thought.