End of week five

So here I am again, letting you all know how I am doing on my amazing Juice Plus + journey!

I cannot believe that I only started taking the Juice Plus + premium capsules and complete shakes only 5 weeks ago.

A lot has happened since then and I feel like a completely different person!

I feel much healthier inside and out, I have more energy than normal and my finger nails are growing stronger and at a more rapid rate.

Last Sunday I weighed in at 13 stone 10 pounds, a BMI of 26.9 and body fat percentage of 26%.

This Sunday I weigh in at 13 stone 6 pounds, have a BMI of 26.3 and a body fat percentage of 24.7%!

I can’t believe that I have managed to lose 4 pounds in a week!

This hasn’t been through not eating or starving myself, this was achieved through having one Juice Plus + complete shake for breakfast, a lunch of cherry tomatoes, melba toasts from Morrisons with Philadelphia cheese and spinach, a handful of nuts and some Biltong, then a balanced meal for dinner. I have even been having one or two Slim Fast snacks that I spoke about in my previous post.

What I am most happy with is my body fat percentage dropping by 2%! I can definitely start seeing a change with  my body and I will be posting pictures of that soon!

Keep being amazing everyone and keeping being you!



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