Snacks I have used this month

During the month that I have been on Juice Plus + premium capsules and complete shakes, there have been times that I have wanted chocolate and crisps.

The premium capsules have really helped to dim my sweet tooth and I have certainly not wanted them or craved them as much as before.

These products have really been handy to dip into and I have done so throughout the last month.

Please note, I am in no way affiliated with Slim Fast or any of the other companies, these products are just some which I have found to be really tasty, really filling and low in calories.


Slim Fast pretzels

A reasonable portion size, full of  flavour, very filling and only 99 calories!



Slim Fast chocolate bar

A reasonable size, smells and tastes very chocolatey and only 95 calories!




Linwood’s flax, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame seeds and goji berries

This stuff is amazing! Not only do I put a tablespoon of it into my daily Juice Plus + complete shakes, it is great sprinkled on meat at the last minute in the oven. It creates a breadcrumb-like texture that is much healthier than actual breadcrumbs.

linwoods1 linwoods2


Slim Rice

Being half-Italian I love my carbohydrates, but they don’t love me! I really enjoy pasta and rice and have now found something that is the next best thing. Slim rice is made out of Organic Konjac flour and this comes from the  Konjac plant. All you have to do is wash it for 2-3 minutes in cold water and then microwave, boil or stir fry it in. It tastes of nothing which may seem rubbish, however when you start adding it into sauces or put it with other ingredients it really takes on those flavours! And a whole bag full for less than 30 calories!!

slimrice1 slimrice2


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