One month on Juice Plus +

So today marks one whole month since I started my Juice Plus + journey.

For a month I have been taking a daily dose of Juice Plus + premium capsules and having one Juice Plus + complete shake for either breakfast or lunch.

“What changes have you noticed?” I hear you ask?

Well, I started at 15 stone and 1 pound (95.8kg) and I am now down to 13 stone 10 pounds (83.1kg).

That means that I have lost 1 stone and 9 pounds (12.7kg)  through making one simple change!

Not only have I lost weight, my Body Mass Index has decreased too.

Before  I started my Juice Plus + journey I had a BMI of 27.8 and this is classed as “overweight.”

After a month on Juice Plus + it has reduced to 26.9 which is not far off the 25.0 mark which is classed as “healthy weight!”

Finally, my body fat percentage went from 28.2% to 26% within four weeks, which I think is amazing!

I also have more energy, don’t need to drink as much coffee as before and my sweet tooth isn’t as big as it was before.

Juice Plus + has really helped me to live a healthier and happier life and I am so looking forward to seeing what results I will achieve at the end of the second month!



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