Nearing the end of week three

So this week has been harder than usual, since it heralded the week that I started up back at work.

Many temptations were there such as cakes, sweets, biscuits and chocolates, however I stuck to my 2 snacks per day rule and after eating my Biltong and berries/nuts felt fine!

I could have had some of the “treats” on offer at work, since I believe in everything in moderation, however Juice Plus + really has helped to dampen my sweet tooth!

I still have two days left before it is the end of week three, however I wanted to share the great news as soon as possible.

I purchased some new digital scales that also measure your Body Mass Index, the percentage of you body that is fat and the percentage of your body that is water.

I am pleased to announce that I have now lost a stone, in a matter of three weeks!

This is something that I would never have thought was possible even a month ago and all I had to do was replace one meal with the Juice Plus + complete shakes, change my snack habits and take the Juice Plus + premium capsules.



Stay tuned to see my progress within the next week!

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