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Just a quick post to let you know of two items that have come in very handy during my journey on Juice Plus +.

Please note, I am in no way affiliated with these companies, nor am I receiving any sponsorship for talking about these products.


Breville Blend Active


This is what I use to make my Juice Plus + complete shakes.

I purchased it for £20 from Amazon and it came with two handy bottles.

You simply add your ingredients into the bottle (the bottle is also a measuring jug with the measurements in ML on them) and then add the blade onto the bottom and blend away!

It is very sturdy and can crush ice and other hard items.

The blade is then taken off and replaced with a sports lid, so you can take your shake with you wherever you want!


Aqua Optima


I really enjoy drinking water, however have never been too fussy with drinking tap water.

Starting Juice Plus + has really made me think about what I am putting into my body, so I decided to purchase a water filter jug so that the water I put into my body is the best water possible.

Again, this was a purchase from Amazon for around £20 and it came with a whole year’s supply of water filter cartridges!

The water definitely tastes smoother and silkier than tap water and from research on the company’s website, I now know that the following is filtered.

The BRITA water filter cartridge reduces chlorine and chlorine compounds as well as other undesirable flavours that may be present in tap water. Heavy metals in tap water, such as lead and copper that can be caused by household plumbing pipes, are also reduced. The elimination of lead and copper in tap water is desirable to protect human health. The claim of the BRITA water filter cartridge to reduce copper and lead significantly has been substantiated in numerous tests. Regionally related traces of pesticides in drinking water can also be minimised by the use of the BRITA water filter cartridges.

Source: Brita.

What do you use on your Juice Plus + journey? Let me know in the comments section!

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