End of week two!

It is now the end of week two and I have been taking my daily dose of Juice Plus + premium capsules and one Juice Plus + Complete shake per day.

I have been making sure that I drink lots of water, limit my snacks to two per day (either a handful of nuts or a handful of Biltong) and have been doing more exercise than I normally have.

I am pleased to announce that I have lost another 2 pounds!

This means that I started at 15 stone 1 pound, at the end of week one went down to 14 stone 11 pounds and at the end of week two went down to 14 stone and 3 pounds.

This means that I have now lost a whopping 5 pounds simply by making one simple change – starting my Juice Plus + journey.


I would like to point out that Juice Plus + isn’t a diet, it is a way of life.

By taking the Juice Plus + premium capsules I definitely have more energy that I had before. I don’t feel the need to constantly have coffee after coffee and my appetite for sweets, chocolates and crisps is less than before.

As I don’t see myself on a diet, simply a change of lifestyle through Juice Plus +, I still have had things that people might consider “bad.” I had a Chinese Takeaway with my family one night and I also baked a few cakes for friends during the two weeks and have enjoyed these.

Remember, everything in moderation!

Another amazing benefit I have seen is my heart rate. Look at the graph generated through my Fit Bit.


I have been wearing a Fit Bit for well over 2 years and it has NEVER been as low as 58/59 beats per minute. I wonder what helped to make this lower?

Have a lovely week and I will update you all soon!

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