End of week one

So I have been on Juice Plus + for over a week now and I have noticed some considerable changes.



For one, I have noticed that my resting heart rate has decreased. I wear a FitBit HR every day and looking at my daily resting heart rate and my average resting heart rate, I can see that it is much lower than the weeks before. Now, nothing else has changed in my daily life to herald such a decrease. The only difference is taking my Juice Plus + Premium capsules!



Another considerable change I have noticed is the loss of pounds!! I haven’t weighed myself for quite a while and was quite shocked at what I saw. I didn’t realise that I had gotten so heavy, so decided that I would make one simple change.

I started at 15 stone 1 pound seven days ago. I have been having one Juice Plus + complete chocolate shake each day for either breakfast or lunch. I have been using Soy Light milk instead of semi-skimmed milk and adding in one banana and sometimes one teaspoon of peanut butter.

Through having the shakes and swapping my snacks from sweets and chocolates to nuts, berries, extra fruit and Biltong (South Africa’s equivalent to American jerky) I have managed to lose 3 pounds! This is even with having a Chinese takeaway at the weekend!

Like I have said before, everything in moderation. If you starve yourself or limit yourself by saying “I can’t have this food, it is bad for me,” then in the long-run you will not lead a happy, healthy lifestyle.

To me, this is amazing news since I do not feel like I am on a diet, I feel like I am simply making simple changes at the same time as increasing the dose of fruit and vegetables that I eat through taking the amazing Juice Plus + premium capsules!

Finally, I have felt more energetic than normal. Throughout the day I usually need to drink a few coffees here and there. However, following my one simple change logic, I have a coffee in the morning with breakfast and then use de-caffientaed throughout the rest of the day, if needed.

Such a positive start on my Juice Plus + journey, I will keep you all updated next week!

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